Catch Up Post!

I started a new day job, so I had to let my mind play catch up with the blog, so I could deliver some decent content.

Starting with Movie Monday: I don’t think I caught a movie this weekend, so I’m going to let this one roll on through.

I did however learn some new information about the Modern Warfare reboot that really caught my attention. Now, before you say it, I know that I’ve blogged about the reboot before, but this was interesting to me. And it may be slightly delayed for the public.
Anyway, what caught my attention was the feedback from Video Game coverage giants IGN. I’m going to include the video link here: WATCH THIS FIRST, and then read on below for my thoughts.


So, first of all, I missed this highlight from E3, and somehow caught onto it Sunday, I think. IGN media was shown the game, and apparently allowed to delve into the story a little. Basically, the game is about a terrorist attack in London, and the story follows from there, with Captain Price returning to kick some terrorist arse. But the thing that really seems to be shaking people up, is that this version of Call of Duty, really leaves some moral ambiguity in the air. You aren’t penalized for killing non-combatants, and sometimes your missions are questionable. Even in the video, they talk about not being sure if they could keep up playing several hours of gameplay that dark. That sounds outstanding to me.

Yes, I’m American, but I’m no psycho. Not to get political here, but for as long as we’ve made video games about war, we’ve also made sure that the soldiers we’re playing are the bonafide, tried and true, heroes of the story. (With some exceptions.) Whereas this one, as in the video, they describe that the game has some moments where there are female combatants being used as human shields — who are then let go and pick up weapons themselves. It gives us some reality in that soldiers have to make the hard — and sometimes wrong — decisions in the heat of the moment. It sounds like it’s going to be a wild ride. What I’m super intrigued about is how divisive the game sounds already. Now, for games like Call of Duty, that’s a selling point. The video I linked above in “with some exceptions” is a clip of the game called “No Russian”. If you don’t remember it, read up on the fallout of that mission in the game and how it affected sales.

I’m really, really excited about the concept and I hope that the execution of the campaign and the multiplayer are both outstanding.


Unless something changes, I probably will hold off on a prompt for this post. Hope you enjoyed the read on MW and the video, courtesy of IGN!

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