Throwback Thursday: Another Convention Edition

Star Wars Celebration is in Anaheim in 2020, and it sold out already.

This past Friday, the 21st of June, the 4 Day passes and Saturday Passes sold out in less than six hours from their release. This sucks, because it will be the second Celebration I’ve missed in a row. The last time was in Chicago, this year.

I attended Celebration Orlando in 2017, and it was easily one of the greatest experiences I’ve had in my convention-going. The convention organizers had some issues, but all in all, it was an overwhelmingly positive experience.

We left for it, I think, on Wednesday night headed out there, with the intent to drive through the night and get up after some rest to do things… that, uh, that didn’t happen. It was about eight hours down there, give or take thirty minutes for food. There was four of us in the car, but only two of us drove (for future reference in stories about trips including these four — only two of us ever drive). Sub note: I hope they read this and know that I’m calling them out!

We got to Orlando around… 5:00AM local time, and got lucky enough to be able to check into our room early. We were pretty excited to take a nap. What we didn’t expect was that from our hotel room, we could see the line wrapping around the Orange County Convention Center… waiting to get inside the con. Instead of sleeping, we went on down to get in line.

That whole day I lived on enough hype to ignore the fact that I needed sleep, until that evening when I crashed at probably midnight, after a pool party with the Mercs.

The rest of the trip really was great. I worked a little at the Mercs booth, and attended a Mercs-only bash, and just basked in all that was Star Wars.

Some of the scattered memories of the event:

Getting on the Jabba’s Palace stage. That’s me in the gold and red. (And being in character.)17952933_10158596558340241_7008646486696183581_n

Meeting Jon Boyega — great guy, ecstatic to be a part of Star Wars.

Jumping on the excitement and hype train of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Hanging out with some really cool people. The guys below being some of the best among them. (I think we were dubbed the Corellian Three, Featuring Wages.)

Looking at cool ships, built to scale.

The list goes on and on…


I’d love to find a way to make it out to Anaheim, but hopefully we’ll get one back in Orlando sometime soon. Fingers crossed.

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