Galaxy’s Edge

You may not know this, but I’m a huge Star Wars fan.

Who am I kidding? Of course you know I’m a Star Wars fan, if you’ve read anything on this blog before now.

Galaxy’s Edge is the newest attraction at Disneyland in California (opened two days ago), and Disney World in Florida, coming in August. Basically, it’s Star Wars in our reality. You can “fly” the Millennium Falcon, stop by a cantina for drinks, build your own lightsaber (for a $200 price tag), build your own film-exact droid (for a crazy $25k price tag!), buy Jedi robes, or just hang around and feel like you’re in Star Wars.

The planet in the park that you’re supposed to be on is Batuu, introduced in Star Wars canon in the book Star Wars: Thrawn: Alliances (a book written by Timothy Zahn.) The book is a good read, and it’s an out-of-the-way planet that’s really become this haven for scum and villainy, off the beaten path of the rest of the galaxy. The decor is super cool, of course, and Disney’s Imagineer’s really knocked it out of the park. (Hee hee.)

I can tell you that there’s very little that I would love more than to go and check out the park myself, and give you a real, in-depth fan’s experience of the park. Considering I’ve been a fan since I was 8 — and I stopped being afraid of Darth Vader. Then it turned into wanting to be him. The Dark Side was alluring, and powerful. Of course, we see in the series that it isn’t quite as powerful, and it doesn’t really ever pay off… but I digress. What was I saying? Oh, right. Being a fan. I have friends who will attend the theme park, I’m sure, because I know so many people in the cosplay community that live out that way, and I’ll be waiting with bated breath to see what their take on the place is. But, I can’t imagine it will be anything other than magical.


Now, if only I can find a way to get out there and visit.



Photo courtesy of Disney­­.

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