An Inexcusable Absence

Life kind of takes its toll on you sometimes, and you have to withdraw to your cave and hide out.

Of course, that’s not to say that I’ve been inactive, just inactive from certain platforms. My Twitter and my blog have suffered, specifically. Last June, my wife and I welcomed our second-born, and between he and the first, our time has been pretty well covered. Beyond that, my real-world job was really consuming me (an unfortunate truth.) I wasn’t hanging out with my wife or my friends, wasn’t writing much, wasn’t working on my author status, or really anything besides working a ridiculous amount of hours, and spending time with my kids (and that was low, too.)

Recently, I was let go from that job. I have a tendency to really bury myself in something when I’m interested in it — a good and bad trait of mine — and not let go. That was why I was working so much. I wanted to get the numbers up in the day job, and so it consumed me. Had it not been for an understanding family, and friends, I probably wouldn’t have either left for me. In hindsight, both my wife and my friends had told me how unhealthy it was to work as much as I had been working, and how much they could tell it stressed me out. Fortunately, I’m a red head, so grey’s don’t really show up.

Being let go of that job for “not meeting numbers” after so many countless hours of giving my all to meet them, has left me in a much better place. I’m spending time with my wife and my children, my friends, playing video games again, and taking time to read and write. I’m in a better place mentally than I’ve been in months, and it’s amazing.

All that being said, I’m coming back and putting some focus back into my creative writing. I’m in the process of building a company with some of my friends: Adventurer’s Coffee Co., LLC (that’s our Facebook page for now, while we construct the webpage). It’s taking up some of my time, but it’s mostly administrative for now. Following that, I’m doing some freelance writing, and some writing of my own work again. It’s a new dawn.

So, to my readers, and browsers who check this out, let me leave you with these couple of tidbits: First, please forgive my drop-out from most of my media sources. Second, don’t ever let your day job turn you into something that you, your family, or your friends can’t enjoy. As much as the world is for you, you, too, are for the world. Don’t let something temporary forever dominate your existence.

Stay tuned!


Photo by Remi Yuan on Unsplash

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