Writing Prompt: [EU] You are Dudley Dursley’s son. Today, your father walks into your room and hands you something. It’s your Hogwarts Letter.

Dudley sat in the chair in his living room for hours, holding the letter to Howgarts in his hand. He so vividly remembered when Harry got his letter. He remembered the turmoil that followed that boy, and by proxy, his family. But, he also remembered that Harry saved him, and protected him even when he didn’t deserve it. He never was a waste of space. With that thought, he sighed and stood up from the chair. He paused only once more and patted the letter against his palm. “Oh, boy.”

The trip up the stairs might as well have been going up the slopes of Mount Everest. He knew his son was special, and his daughter was too, they had done things he had seen Harry do, acted in ways he had seen Harry act, and he knew in the back of his mind that this day would come. A smile crossed his lips, thinking of the irony that his parents — his children’s grandparents — would have to accept that there would be a wizard in their direct lineage. A chuckle escaped his lips.

He tapped on the door, turned the knob, and entered his sons bedroom. “Dane?” he asked, looking around. His son’s head protruded from beneath the blanket atop his bed.

“Yes, father?” The boy, a spit and image copy of his father at that age, albeit thinner, asked.

“We need to talk,” Dudley stated as he sat down on the mattress.

“I din’ do it, dad, I promise!” Dane said, coming out with haste.

“No, no. It’s okay.” Dudley laughed, tucking the letter under his arm. “You know how my cousin, Harry, works a super secret job in a super secret place?”

“Yes. More secret than MI6, you said, dad.” Dane added, smiling.

“Yes, more secret that MI6. Well, you’ve been invited to… be a part of that secret.” Dudley handed over his letter. “You have the chance to go to Hogwarts, a school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You have magical blood, it seems.” Said Dudley, the slightest hint of pride in his voice.

Dane took the letter into his hand, broke the seal, and began reading the text within. When he finished, he looked up to his dad. “Where is your letter, dad? Why didn’t you go to Hogwarts?”

Dudley surmised that his parents’ hatred of magic had somehow snuffed out whatever latent magic existed within, and that somehow his own acceptance of the magical world had unlocked the magic for his son and perhaps his daughter. He considered this a moment, and returned to his son’s attention. “I didn’t get a letter,” Dudley said, still smiling. “But you did!”

“Can I go?” asked Dane, sheepishly.

“Of course.” Dudley embraced his son, fully and truly. He was also one of few Muggles who accompanied his son to the station at 9 and 3/4, only a year after Harry Potter’s own children started at Hogwarts.

Dane Dursley was accepted into Hogwarts, and despite his father’s past, became a proud and honorable member of Gryffindor. On his first visit home for Christmas, Dane left his wand out while he went to the toilet. Dudley, ever being the curious man he was, picked up the wand and gave it a flick. In his mind, he envisioned the great green and red flashes from his imagination, or the bright light Harry summoned forth to scare away what he called a “Dementor”. On his second flick though, dull sparks came from the end of the wand. On the third, a small blue dart zipped out and across the room. Shocked, Dudley dropped the wand and backed away from it.

Dane, who had just barely stuck his head back in the door smirked. “Dad?”

Dudley, as pale as a ghost shook his head. “Let’s keep this our little secret.”

Dane nodded vigorously.

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