Return of the Blog

Today may be a time where I post consecutive blog posts.

I’ve been away for some time. My first excuse was World of Warcraft, and believe me, it was an addictive excuse. I love Warcraft’s universe, but this expansion lost me pretty quickly as the initial story tapered off. Easily enough, I tapered with it. Cancelled my membership, bound to renew at the next expansion (at the latest) but for now, I’m going to be productive.

My second and third excuse, of course, is real life, and playing Black Ops. I’ve mentioned my streamer buddy, ScoutSierra, who has been playing the game as well, so I’ve been accompanying him on the stream.

Sadly, I haven’t done much writing, either. I’ve been pretty lax in all my constructive advances, except for my daily grind in Real Life RPG. The economy sucks in that game, by the way.

Anyway, without further adieu, I am returning to blogging. Expect a decent post in the next half hour or so!


Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash


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