I have a DeepSense

DeepSense is an AI built to judge you.


Seriously, the creators over at DeepSense made an AI bot that analyzes your Twitter feed and tells people what they want to know about your personality based on your posts, likes, activity times, and several other factors. What it was actually built for, is allowing businesses to analyze potential hires and to see if they would be successes in a team. If I were to hire people, I think it may actually be interesting to base some of your decisions on their Twitter feed. Doesn’t seem too crazy right?

I ran my own handle, of course, @TGNeal, and I read through what they said. My wife and my best friend both agreed that it was pretty accurate. I disagree with saying that I’m slightly emotionally sensitive and temperamental. But what do I know?


Stupid bot…


Check it out, though. Might teach you something you didn’t know.



UPDATE: Their website is down right now, because of traffic. Will update when it’s back online!



Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash


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