The Dragon Prince

Fantasy shows and movies are in short supply.

I know I’ve posted several times about shows on Netflix, in particular. My favorites are Sherlock, Californication, and Comedians in Cars getting Coffee. Obviously those share no similarities except that they air currently on Netflix. Considering what I watch regularly, finding something new is always invigorating and it’s a true pleasure when it really scratches an itch.

This new show is The Dragon Prince, and it aired for the first time on September 14th. I had heard whispers here and there, and decided to check it out. Let me say, animation has never been something that scares me off. I enjoyed Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Star Wars: Rebels, and a few other animated series and movies. Usually anime, at that. Anyway, I watched the first episode yesterday, and I finished the series today. If that doesn’t tell you how much I liked it, nothing will.

The series follows the lives of several races and kingdoms across the continent of Xadia. Without spoiling anything, there are humans and several types of elves, and a litany of magical creatures spread throughout the world that the show only begins to touch on. There’s magic of course, and dragons. I’ll bet the name gave that away, didn’t it.

The characters are diverse and lovable, and have real emotions and reactions. The villain is easy to dislike, especially once you’re onto his game. The plot is sound, easy to follow, and the lore of the world is slipped into the story as it progresses. It’s a delightful choice for a show.

I’ve been told since I started it, that the creators of the show are the same that made Avatar: The Last Airbender, and the story has much of the same influencing. I’ve not watched Avatar, but I’ve heard it’s a worthy watch. If it truly is anything like The Dragon Prince, I may give it a watch.

As a fantasy reader and writer, the story really engrossed me. It’s not common, as much as it is familiar. It’s easy to follow because of its familiarity. You know the characters before you even really know them, if that makes sense. The King, the Princes, the forces of darkness, and the good that rises to meet it. It’s the story of the hero, but from a different angle, and it’s the journey that all high-fantasy characters must overcome.

I really am not sure that I can boast enough about the show; I was so pleasantly surprised at how well the show captivated me, and made me love everything about it.

You really should give it a try.


Photo by on Unsplash

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