It’s been another few days since my last blog post, mostly because real life has taken its toll on my free time. Besides the fact that I have to work my real life job, I’ve been sick, and I’ve played a few hours of World of Warcraft here and there. Sadly, the blog, my Twitter feed, and any social media interactions have been sparse.

That being said, I’m trying to play catch up with my thought processes and backlog of creative… stuff. I got back my copy edit of my prequel short story to Drachenara, which remains unnamed thus far. I have to work through it, make my permanent edits, and come up with a cover idea for the short story, and then go live on Kindle. This one will be free. The thought process behind that is hoping that it will garner interest in the full-length premier novel. Here’s hoping.

Secondary to that, I’ve decided that I want to come up with a new cover for Drachenara. In .pdf format, the design looks pretty good. It has a messy watercolor appearance, see: covertest3

Anyway, I suppose version two will be a bit more… streamlined. So, to say, less messy, more crisp and defined. Maybe. I don’t know. I’m rambling here.

Moving on to being sick. There’s nothing more frustrating than being sick, and especially when you’re in the busiest part of the month at work. I’m a proponent of fewer antibiotics, so unless I’m really struggling with a sickness (and I usually only get sick once a year or so) I use over the counter stuff. If you ever find yourself dealing with some sort of crazy head cold, try out alkaseltzer tablets. Am I really blogging about cold medicine? Moving right along.

Next, up… Warcraft. I started playing again with the Battle for Azeroth expansion, after taking some time away after the ending of Legion. Content has been pretty good so far. The story has been phenomenal, at least as an Alliance player, and the ongoing world quests have been fun, too. Last night was the first night since the release that I’ve really been able to get my head in the game. Me and my streamer friend, ScoutSierra, caught up on my quests for the dungeons that I hadn’t finished, and started doing world quests. I played a little more this morning, but not a whole lot.
As a former Horde player, I’ve been taken aback by the story choices they’ve taken with Sylvanas, who is the current Warchief of the Horde. She’s always been crazy, but she’s over the top now. Beyond my love for the gameplay, which is a solid 8/10, the lore in WoW is what really keeps me enamored, and I consider myself sort of a lore-master (even though I don’t hold the title in-game). Going by the lore-side of things, I can’t really understand what path they’re taking Sylvanas down and I’m excited to see what they do, if I am bit apprehensive.

Now, more writing. At some point in the next few days (weeks) I have to get back into writing. More than just writing on here, especially.

Hope everyone’s doing well. I’ll be trying to do this every day… we’ll see if that happens.

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