Drachenara Release

I don’t know if I could be much happier than I am today. After three on-and-off years of working on my first full-length novel, it’s been released.

I’ve talked about Drachenara on here before, but never quite like I’m going to. First, let me shamelessly plug my book, found on Amazon here for $3.99 on eBook, and $12.99 on paperback. If you buy the paperback, you get the eBook for free.

Drachenara has been a major labor of love for me. I’ve always had this deep penchant for fantasy. As a young kid it was more science fantasy, or science fiction, but as I’ve grown older, I’ve fallen more in love with regular old high fantasy. I think it’s because as I get older, I want the world to get bigger. Years ago, people lived a distance from one another, and particularly in medieval/fantasy settings… you take a horse from house to house. The world is just bigger, you know? Now, you have thirty neighbors within a ten minute walk. I’m not saying it’s bad… it’s just not me.

The world is getting smaller by the day, though. I don’t mean it to sound depressing, but it kind of it. So, in my ideal fantasy setting, the world is just a bigger place. Nothing quite speaks to me like the concept of a grand adventure. And that’s what Drachenara is. Vaelen and Aurelia, the two main protagonists of the story, are on this journey — an adventure.

Digressing only slightly; The Hobbit has always been a favorite of mine. Actually, I finished it again in June — I think the 13th or 14th — and I just remember thinking how exciting it is every time I read it, and how much I just want to go on an adventure.

In hindsight, an awful lot of my writing is an adventure. Even in my earliest roleplays on the world wide webberino, it was always about adventure.


Photo by Jeremy Cai on Unsplash

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