Mobile Blogging

My brain is full of useless… stuff. It’s a double-edged sword, because I have plenty of content floating around in my head to put to paper pad canvas screen?

I’m blogging this one from my phone because as I sit at my local Chinese restaurant, I imagine the atmosphere and what it would be good for. My current project and labor of love, Drachenara, is a fantasy novel, so that setting doesn’t really work well. A good modern setting would work well. It isn’t seedy, but it’s darker, and has mood lighting. The walls are dark wood, and there are canvas drapes that are a nice dark maroon color, with gold texturing.

Such a place makes for the perfect scene setting in any modern setting, really. Fantasy, crime, mystery, romance… any of these are perfect for it.

After kind of rambling for a while, I guess the point here is that the environment is always important. They’re as important for the story as the main characters, and they’re important in the real world as well.

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