Ampersand Swastikas

Yes, this is as dramatic as the title implies.


No, not really. One of the things that the internet has brought us is Grammar Nazis. At some point or another, we’ve all been particularly frustrated at a friends atrocious grammar, punctuation, or spelling. You know, that guy that texts you and says “u no wat i meen”. You people know who you are.

It’s another evolution of language, unfortunately. Thanks to texts and Twitter, we’ve condensed our language. Now, that doesn’t excuse poor spelling in the world of auto-correct, but it does still happen. That being said, we’re all unfortunately guilty of making our own errors.

I was polishing my first novel today just a bit more, and I realized that it wouldn’t hurt me to take a refresher course in the use of punctuation, tense, and general grammar. Fortunately, spelling has never been a majer major issue of mine. I can’t remember what brought the realization to me, but I’m sure it was something of the sort where Microsoft Word had to tell me that it didn’t make sense. I may have argued with the program, Googled the real answer, and found myself to be incredibly wrong was obviously victorious in my original format.

The truth of the mater is, it depends on the person. Obviously, it also depends on what kind of text your putting down. If you’re writing a novel, you’re going to have to be closer to exact that if you were sending a text message. If you’re tweeting, you might have to intentionally misspell a word just to make it in under the length restrictions. If you’re sending a text message, just send a .gif, it will make a better impact, no matter what the situation is. Trust me.


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