There’s something to be said about first impressions, whether in a business or a casual setting and setting the tone of that meeting is unequivocally just as important. That being said, let me give you some background on who I am in “the real world.”

I’m a father of two and one of those two is a very recent addition, (he’s still in grunty potato mode). Those two boys are my top priority. Right behind them is my incredible, supportive, and sometimes tastefully neurotic wife who will laugh when she reads this description. You’ll ask yourself how you can be tastefully neurotic; trust me, it’s possible, and she rocks it.

I’d like to tell you next that I’m a published, well-earning author with several publications, when in reality I’m still working on getting my first full-length novel to the shelves (digital or physical). Instead, I’m actually a regular old joe who works a more-than-full-time job to pay the bills and put food on the table. In my down time I’m a writer, dreamer, couch-based movie critic, and a gamer, not necessarily in that order. Oh, and I like to play big boy dress-up. No, not that, stow your dirty thoughts. I cosplay. I’m a member of one prominent Star Wars costume club, and I have half a dozen other costumes that I wear for fun. All in all, I’d say I have a pretty exciting life, except most of it is behind a computer, whether that’s at work or at home. Still, though, no complaints.

This blog is going to be a mix match of my thoughts and other junk. Probably will have a few cheesy quotes and ideas, maybe some linked music that inspires me.

Look, it’s going to be a lot of junk. Just prepare yourself.


It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.
– Mark Twain
Photo by Florian Klauer on Unsplash

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